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Good news! The boundaries of the Old Trenton Neighborhood are expanding to include the C2C Creative District - this means more voices in this year's planning process.

What's happening?

Wish you had more to do in Old Trenton? Worried about safety in your neighborhood? Want to see new businesses in downtown? Be a part of the process to update the Old Trenton/Downtown Neighborhood (OTN) Plan!

In order to apply for future funding from the state's Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit program, we are updating the plan from 2007 and invite you to be part of the process. A new and updated plan will allow us to expand the boundaries and include more neighborhood partners and funding opportunities, such as small grants, facade improvements, and other ways to benefit the downtown community.

Expanded boundaries in new plan: 

As part of the plan, the OTN boundaries will be expanded from the original 3-block radius (see gray dotted line in map below) to include most of downtown, from the Assunpink Creek to the D&R Canal, and from Route 1 to North Willow Street (roughly aligned with the Creek to Canal Creative District). This expansion will come with a new name to the focus area - the 'Downtown Trenton Neighborhood'. Expanding the boundaries and aligning with existing planning initiatives allow us to include more residents and businesses in future programming/funding opportunities.  

plan released!

plan engagement

Neighborhood Workshops:

These brainstorming sessions, which took place over several months, gathered input, prioritized goals, and helped guide the planning process:


Previous workshops:

March 9 Presentation Slides

March 9 @ 2:00pm (Meeting Notes - Jamboard)

March 9 @ 5:30pm (Meeting Notes - Jamboard)

March 30 Presentation Slides

March 30 @ 2:00pm (Meeting Notes - Jamboard)

March 30 @ 5:30pm (Meeting Notes - Jamboard)

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