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Attention graphic designers!

-logo design request-

Purpose: To create logos for the Trenton Green Team and Green Infrastructure Partners groups.

Scope of Work:
A. Logos: Consultant will work directly with Trenton Green Team and Trenton Green Infrastructure Partners members to create and deliver the original design files (Adobe InDesign) and high-resolution JPEG and PNG files for the following deliverables:

  • One Trenton Green Team logo that visually represents the group’s mission of working toward a healthier, more sustainable Trenton. Some of the group’s initiatives are arts and creative culture, redeveloping brownfields, climate mitigation and adaptation, community partnerships and outreach, diversity and equity, energy efficiency, food justice, green design, and health and wellness. 

  • One Trenton Green Infrastructure Partners logo that expands upon the Trenton Green Team logo and highlights green stormwater infrastructure. 

B. Meetings: Consultant will attend one Trenton Green Infrastructure Partners meeting to gather input from the group’s membership for the direction and design of the logos.

C. Schedule: Consultant will deliver a first draft of both logos 10 business days after the initial meeting with Trenton Green Infrastructure Partners. 10 business days after receiving comments from the Trenton Green Infrastructure Partners, consultant will provide a second draft and third draft, if needed. The final logos will be delivered no later than November 30, 2018. 

Compensation: Compensation for this scope of work is not to exceed a range of $400-600.



Kandyce Perry

Planning & Policy Manager

NJ Future

609-393-0008 ext. 108

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