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A mother and child are bundled up for Trenton’s bitter cold. Wet slush accumulates as Ford Model Ts and street cars roll by. St Mary's church bells ring in the distance.


In 1920, the property at the corner of Perry & Montgomery Streets was a three-story mixed-use building. It was eventually demolished and is now a vacant lot that serves as the location for an I Am Trenton - funded Old Trenton Neighborhood Arts Grant. The project allows rotating artists to paint on a temporary wooden billboard to beautify the space. Jonathan “LANK” Conner painted the first mural in August 2017, followed by Leon Rainbow in May 2018.

Located at 151 N Warren Street, the parish at St Mary's Church (formerly the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption) has served the Trenton community for over 140 years. Its original building (in this photo) was built in 1871, followed by its spire in 1879 - the tallest spire in New Jersey at the time. In 1881, the church was designated as a cathedral by Pope Lio XIII. Unfortunately, in 1956, a fire destroyed the entire original church. Despite this tragedy, St Mary's was rebuilt three years later and has remained home to the parish since.

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