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Purpose: The project aims to engage more Trentonians in the discussion surrounding the proposed Creek to Canal Creative District, through resident-directed group conversation in a comfortable setting.


Scope: Creative Table will engage Trenton residents from various backgrounds and demographics, and would take place within the City of Trenton. Each of the ten hosts would organize a meal (paid for by a stipend) with six to eight people, facilitate a laid-back discussion on several key categories, and direct the group to discuss the topics at hand.


Total Budget: $100 will be given to each of the 10 selected hosts


Application Process: Prospective hosts will apply to participate in Creative Table through a simple online application form, and will be contacted for a phone interview should they meet the criteria to participate. Creative Table is open to Trenton residents only and both C2C Action Committee members and non-members are welcome to apply. Hosts will be selected on the basis of their ability to provide diverse perspectives and to complete the task.


Discussion Process: A package of tools to help guide participants’ conversations will be provided to each host. Each package will contain a series of cards with questions on them related to discussion categories. The host will complete the provided feedback forms and note the group’s top three insights discussed for each of the topics, along with any particularly strong views held by the group.

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