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Built in 1862, this three-story brick home on Perry Street once belonged to Jasper Scott, a master brick mason in Trenton. The building - and the two properties attached to it - currently sit vacant.


While brick masons lay bricks, not every bricklayer can be called a brick mason. The difference between the two jobs comes down to the level of skill. Masons are able to complete more advanced brickwork than brick layers, such as wall restorations, fireplace repair, and curved structures, and incorporate more materials, such as stone, granite, limestone, and tile.

Scott's craftsmanship and expertise made improvements to the State House and Trenton's first water-powered mill, which was located on Warren Street at the bank of Assunpink Creek.


Scott was well-respected in the community. He served on a stakeholder committee organized by City Council to help decide where and how an Italian marble statue of George Washington should be dedicated. - The City of Trenton purchased it in 1876 but lacked funds to properly install. In 1892, the committee was formed and identified strategies to obtain the necessary funding to place the statue in Cadwalader Park, where it remained until being moved to Mill Hill in 1976.

129 perry street

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