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trenton art puzzle

bruce lindsay & aylin green


As members of the Trenton artist community, artists Bruce Lindsay and Aylin Green believe that public art can be a powerful tool to facilitate dialogue and catalyze positive change.


Funded by an I Am Trenton Community Arts Grant, the Trenton Art Puzzle engaged Old Trenton Neighborhood residents and stakeholders in an art-making activity while also developing their awareness for the iconic shape of the City of Trenton.


In several paint sessions offered throughout the neighborhood, blank puzzle pieces cut out in the shape of Trenton were given to artists to paint on. Participants were encouraged to paint their experiences, their hopes for their community, representations of neighborhood landmarks, symbols of their cultural identity, or simply beautiful abstract expressions.


Like a jigsaw puzzle, each individual piece is unique, and together they make up something extraordinary. In October 2018, the puzzles were on view at the BSB Gallery.

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